We ❤️ Laundry

Why Choose us?

Our Laundromat is designed to offer a warm and friendly atmosphere, like home. A place where advice is shared on classic laundering techniques and products. Featuring premier laundry service and classic coin-op machines with a dose of fun through shared seating and community activities.

need to get your clothes washed but dont have the time?

At LaundrYuP! we also offer our busy customers Laundry drop off and pick up! The most convent way to cross off that "To-Do List" Contact us to make an order or find out more!

Wash and Fold Services:

#EasyAdulting per lb - $1.25
(10 lb minimum)

Whites (per load) - +$5
(please separate)

Love my Whites (per load) - +$6
(bleach, HOT HOT, and blueing)

De-Stain me (per load) - +$5
(check me out and shout me)

Extra Stained (per load) - +$6

Pamper my Delicates (per load) - +$3

Pressing Services
(call for more information)

Uniform Services:

For uniform cleaning services we provide stain inspection and removal, separate whites, pressing, and hanging/folding. (5 lb minimum) Call for more information.

OF course Basic Coin-Op Laundry!

We also offer basic coin-op (classic laundromat style!) Average load of laundry will cost $3.50 per wash and $1.50 to dry. Don't want to wait around? We can do it for you!

77 Hill Street,  Biddeford, ME